Taktyka do Temple of Sacrifice. (EN)

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Taktyka do Temple of Sacrifice. (EN)

Pisanie by Gość on Pią Maj 13, 2016 12:01 am

Niestety, nie chciało mi się tłumaczyć całego tekstu który dostałem i przepisywałem z guildchata od znajomego z innej gildii, więc wstawiam po angielsku.
Jutro przysiądę wstawię po narodowemu.
Poza tym wybaczcie błędy, jakby coś to poprawię, o tyle o ile pisałem to dość na szybko a jak napisałem to się jeszcze podzielić chciałem!

1st boss
Malaphar the Savage
Main tank keeps the boss separate from the adds, which should be held by offtank
Around the boss you'll see a circle, and he has a buff called "Savagery".
Staying on that circle increases damage you deal and take, staying out lowers your damage.
In story mode it's recommended to stay on the circle all the time as damage is not realy high.
There will be Massassi adds, which you need to kill before returning to boss.
He also has ability called Spear Toss, red circle under you.
You have it move away from other and you under someone, if someone moves it close to you run away, if you stay on it it is a instakill

2nd boss
Sword Squadron
Unit 1 is tauntable, has kiteable AoE called Rapid Fire on the tank.
It will periodically become immune to damage with buff called "Emergency shielding".
For that a DPS needs to run into back right corner of area and click a bomb there, and then run under the boss.
That will remove shielding. On SM you usually continue this until Unit 1 is at 5% or less, but not dead.
Then when it is low all DPS swap to Unit 2. Unit 2 is immune to taunts but has an aggro table.
Then, bring Unit 2 to 5% or less (don't kill it). Then run the last bomb and kill Unit 1. Then kill unit 2.
There will be big ass white circle under someone, player with it needs to run away from group.
There will also be different circles on ground, don't stand on them.

3rd boss
The Underlurker
The boss will very soon after the fight starts summon 3 adds called Lurkerlings, which you should switch ASAP.
Soon after a channel called "Collapse" will follow with circles on ground, standing in them results in instakill
Imidately after "Collapse" there is channel called "Rage Storm", during which you need to hide behind rocks, which have fallen to circles (previous phase). You die if you won't hide.
After that comes channel called "Devastation", and a cross forms around the boss. On front side 1 player, back 1player, sides 3 players each
if you fail to stand on this patter someone takes heavy damage.
Ater this boss again summons adds and cycle starts over.
Cycle: Adds->Collapse->Rage Storm->Devastation->Adds...

4th boss
Revanite Commanders
There are 3 bosses, and initially they are inactive.
Instead you manage waves of adds.
At some point one of the bosses will become active, when you need to swap to that boss and hurt him as much as you can.
The bosses will come down several times, untill they all become active same time.
At that point focus boss called Sano Thrica, then once he is down, kill one called Deron Cadruso, and last Lord Kurse.
When there is no boss active kill as much adds as you can. Adds can be CC'ed

5th boss
The Returned
On 1st floor tank holding The Returned will be targeted by infinite knockback, he must make sure he has his back around a pillar which are on outer edges of the area.
Otherwise instakill.
Revan will deal some raidwide damage at times, and summon 2 blades which spin around area and cannot be damaged.
They can be pushed off though, so use push abilities to get rid of them.
Once The Returned reaches certain % he'll jump off and summon HK droid.
The droid has conal AoE called Pseudorandom Violence which you shoul try to avoid.
Also, HK places debuff called Perforateed Vitals on the tank, wich makes tanks to swap at times.
He also throws some grenades to team for which you cannot avoid, but you should spread out a little.
Grenades may damage also players next to you.
Droid also has a shield, and you need to go inside the shield to damage him.
Once HK is dead, stairway to upper floor is open, jump from stone to stone and don't fall, because if you do, you'll die.
Next floor there will be four units called Machine Focus, which you should kill ASAP, otherwise they deal periodic raidwide damage.
There will also be big purple circles, which you definitely should not stand on.
Circles deal a lot of damage. Other than that just damage Boss.
Spinning swords from phase 1 will be back, again you can push them off.
Then you'll need to move to yet another floor, by running to blue circle/climbing up.
There you'll find Revan channeling something called Resonance, you need to damage him quite a bit to stop the channel.
If he completes the channel whole team got insta-killed.
After that damage the Returned untill he vanishes once more, then a big sphere called Machine Core will appear. You goal is to kill that ASAP.
There will be stacking debuff which lowers endurance and periodic raidwide damage.

After Sphere is killed, OPS is completed.

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